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Hisar CS

Hisar CS is a group formed by the mentoring of the Computer Science Department in Hisar Schools in Istanbul, Turkey. Including our graduates, Hisar CS grows bigger each day as new students join. Since 2014, Hisar CS has been organizing Hisar Coding Summit, a 2-day event where Hisar CS student give various free programming and design workshops

to anyone who is willing to learn. In 2019, Hisar CS students brought the Pi Wars Competition to Turkey. Before the competition, they provided a material kits and gave workshops on how to build a basic Pi Wars robot to the teams. Hisar CS students is also working on many projects using RasPi and other systems.

Pi Wars Turkey'20


Our Team

Ece Tabag

Can Aydın

Andy Emre Kocak

Elif Selin Kozanoglu

Yoel Nasi