About HisarCS


We are HisarCS, a computer science team from Hisar High School in Istanbul, Turkey. What started in 2012 as a couple of students developing projects around a small table grew throughout the years, and now has over 30 students actively developing CS & robotics projects and attending competitions & conferences all around the world. Our team members are between the ages of 13-18.

stats-image Peer Learning

As HisarCS, we are learning everyday from each other. We know that we are having some troubles with our projects, we can ask our friends and learn together. We are aware that making mistakes is a big part of the learning process. And that is where our motto came from.


If you spend a day with us, we guarantee that you will hear these four words more than 15 times. When starting a project, we are aware that it is not going to be perfect, and that is what we enjoy, failing. It may sound weird, to love to fail. But failing is what takes us a step forward. It makes us rethink, reconsider what we did, and it helps to find new strategies to get closer to our goal. And that is when the learn step starts. We learn from our mistakes, and then repeat all the process again, although it means that we will fail again. This motto helps us encourages creativity and nurtures persistence because you know that there is a solution to your problem - and you debug and debug until you reach your destination - always

PS: sometimes we come to a state where we delete the learn part and turn our motto to make fail repeat, since we do the same mistake over and over again :0