Robots, Apps, Arcades, and many more!

With our projects, we are participating in competitions and conferences all around the world. Our several papers are published. You can find many of the projects that we have done and are still working on it .)


Education Robot Pomelo

Pomelo is an educational robot that is suitable for primary school classrooms. Its aim is to teach coding to younger kids in a simple way. Pomelo can be programmed to move in desired patterns and directions through physical code-blocks...


Pi Wars UK 2021

Pi Wars is a non-destructive Raspberry Pi robotics competition with both autonomous and remote-controlled challenges. For the past 3 years, we have been participating in the competition with our RasPi based robots...


Jonathan, Assistant Robot

Jonathan acts as a personal assistant that is capable of adapting to any work environment. He is able to recognize users through his camera, and is able to perform customized responses.



Hisarcade is our retro arcade system to be used in our school. The device aims to bring back the old Arcade systems to our school, with improved game designs, controls and aesthetics...





Mobile Apps

HisarCS students are developing applications using platforms like XCode, Unity, MIT App Inventor, and many more...



T.S.U.N.A.M.I. stands for Top Secret Unmanned Navigation Application of Mobile Intelligence. These vehicles can range from 50-5000$ and their main computers are usually Raspberry Pi or NVIDIA's Jetson Series.


Friction Calculating Mechanism

This mechanism calculates the coefficients of friction using an inclined surface. It does it by increasing the incline of the plane. This is done by a 30 kg-cm torqued motor...



Teknofest is World's biggest aviation and technology festival which takes place in İstanbul every September. It has many special events like World Drone Cup, Hack İstanbul and Take Off. As HisarCS, in 2019 we participated in Hack İstanbul Capture The Flag Competition, Fighter UAV Competition...



MindMaster is a challenging electronic quiz project consisting of both software and hardware. The question appears on the screen which is attached...



As HisarCS, we've been participating in Technovation Challenge for 7 years with many teams and apps. In fact, one team participated in the Technovation Challenge 2018 and ended up being one of the 12 finalists that got the chance to go to Silicon Valley for the final World Pitch...



The teams participating in this competition are given pre-competition training on the design of the mini autonomous vehicle to be used in the competition and the use of artificial intelligence algorithms.



Our team has represented Hisar School at several hackathons to date. Hackhatons are a design sprint-like events which supports the collaboration of computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers, project managers, domain experts to work on software projects.


First Robotic Competition

Our school’s first FRC team, NoktaParantez joined FIRST in August 2017.Our team was honored with the Rookie Inspiration Award, which emphasizes...


First Tech Challenge

In the competition, we designed, built, and coded our robot to compete in an alliance format against other teams...


Chess Engine

Previously showcased as "Kingdom Of Terror", this Chess Engine is our second version of the ancient game of chess. This Chess Engine consists of two parts: human players and AI.


SeaLion from Electronic Tools

Due to the excess consumption in the world, there now are waste islands in oceans where several currents meet.The sea lion is made using electronic wastes of our school. The audience is given the chance to interact with the piece and control the situation.



The goal of the SnowFlake project was to make decorations for winter (and spread the joy of winter around our school)...



Our team has been active in the area of robotics, building several mini-sumo robots, developing electronic printed circuit boards and mechanical designs and software for them.


Mobile Home Automation

In our Automation project, our aim was to control electronic devices (lights, fans etc.) with smart phones. The process consists of three main parts, Arduino, web server and mobile connectivity...


Origami Lamp

The project can be divided into three main elements, namely, the design and the electronics and the controller. The design of the lamp consists of 6 identical origami surfaces, each one used to form one side of a cube. These parts are brought together by origami again...



Our drone is a radio controlled quadcopter, though we are planning to make it either entirely or mostly autonomous by the end of the year. We first chose the electrical components that we were going to use and designed our drone accordingly, using 3D printer technology to produce the frame...



Our drone is a radio controlled quadcopter, though we are planning to make it either entirely or mostly autonomous by the end of the year. We first chose the electrical components that we were going to use and designed our drone accordingly, using 3D printer technology to produce the frame...


Leap Motion Machine

Leap Motion is a device that allows you to control a computer with your hands. The system has both multiplayer and single player games in it for students to have fun. All games are reachable with a main menu that can be controlled with circular motion of a finger...


You can find all the codes for our projects in GitHub. For questions, feel free to contact us .)