From Students to Everyone

With this mission of increasing exposure to STEM fields and creating an equal learning opportunity for everyone, especially Turkish students, we are able to share our knowledge regarding computer science with anyone who is willing to learn with the many events we are organizing.


Annual Hisar Coding Summit

Every year, as the HisarCS Team, we host a 2-day-long Coding Summit, aiming to encourage and teach students the fundamentals of computer programming through various coding languages, including 4 block-based languages. Our annual summit helps enrich over 300 students’ current information about coding and creative problem-solving. We welcome everyone in this event. The participants’ ages range from a 5-year-old boy to a 60-year-old adult - they all have different levels of understanding and experience of programming.


Pi Wars Turkey

Unlike many robotics competitions we had previously attended both in Turkey and around the world, PiWars has no rivalry between the teams. We wanted to bring this culture and community to Turkey and encourage more students to pursue STEAM, especially in underprivileged public schools. In 2019, we organized the first Pi Wars Turkey...


Technovation Launch Event

We organized a Technovation Launch Event where participants received design thinking workshops on how to identify problems and create solutions while also advancing themselves in various coding workshops like Thunkable and XCode.


Sonic Pi Workshop

In 2020, we started giving Virtual Sonic Pi workshops with the collaboration of ACS, a school in Greece. For the participants with a music background, the program had a 4 week schedule. Participants who would like to develop more advanced projects were able to continue to the program for 2 additional weeks. Participants who don't have any music background were also welcomed to our program, which was be 5 weeks. It was a great success!


ISCI Innovation Summit

For the past 3 years, we are organizing the ISCI Summit in ASC Athens, by collaborating with ACS. The students from ASC, AFS Thessaloniki and Hisar School give various workshops such as Scratch, Arduino, Fusion, Botany, Mental Health and lot more. Every year, 4-5 of the many workshops are given by Hisar CS students. The organization has achieved a great success. With our workshops, we introduce nearly 400 students to our field every year.